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Go van Leeuwen

Residential project: 10 apartments and working spaces

Participatory Housing Project (CPO)

Delft, The Netherlands

Client: Bouwgroep Go van Leeuwen

Completion: 2020

Developed in Collaboration with: Maikel Gielens

Design Team: Sophie Valla, Wout van Vreeswijk, Sara Ramadane, Ismini Christakopoulou

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The GO Van Leeuwen Bouwgroep has a beautiful plot of approximately 17 meters wide at the Nieuwe Gracht in the Leeuwenhoekkwartier in Nieuw Delft. An ideal place for spacious and sun-oriented apartments. The construction group is now designing nine houses and a business space in-house.

Three-dimensional façade
Eye-catchers are the five large, white bay windows with extra large openings. In contrast to the monoliths protruding from the façade, the recessed loggias are protected outdoor spaces with afternoon and evening sun.


Housing types
There are four different types of housing. Two almost identical smaller houses form the heart of the building. On the upper floors there are two penthouses with a conservatory and a large void. There are also two maisonettes and a studio house on the ground floor. The project offers possibilities for combinations of living and working. Parking spaces are also offered on the ground floor of the building.


The residential block is well insulated and equipped with triple glazing and ventilation with heat recovery. There is a collective heat pump as well as solar panels on the roof. The GPR is 7.5.

Completion DO
The construction group is currently finalizing the Final Design (DO) under the expert guidance of the architect Sophie Valla and the process supervisor Maikel Gielens.

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