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Go New Delft

Residential Project: 6 apartments and working spaces

Participatory Housing Project (CPO)

Delft, The Netherlands

Client: Bouwgroep Go New Delft

Completion: 2020

Developed in Collaboration with: Maikel Gielens

Design Team: Sophie Valla, Ismini Christakopoulou, Wout van Vreeswijk

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107_Go-New-Delft_facadeB_1600_900 2.jpg

The construction group is for families, starters and creative people who want more space for a low mortgage.

The plot borders are defined by the Van Leeuwenhoek Park and the historical center of Delft, while the plot is located next to the Student Hotel and Antoni (on field 2.3, lot 1). The construction group offers large and small apartments where one can choose the layout of the apartment itself. A total of 6 sustainable apartments will be realized within 5 building levels. A combination of housing types is possible between 70 m2 and 140 m2. There is a terrace with a view of the park for all houses.



This New Delft construction group is still looking for members!

More information about the construction group, the objectives and the design can be obtained from architect by mail:

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